Augmented Reality is a promising technology at its nascent stage. Ar blurs the line between the real and virtual world by the super-imposing virtual world on top of the real world.

SRG United Solutions is one of the pioneers in developing Augmented Reality apps for mobile platforms, so much so that our first AR app was “Table Zombies”, crowd-funded at way back in 2013.

Augmented Reality is the new way of seeing the World and in the next five years time AR is going to be an integral part of human life and could eventually replace the mobiles. AR superimposes virtual items on a Real world and the virtual item interacts with the camera from the virtual world to change the viewing angle resulting in an interactive world. Augmented reality app these days are mostly confined to entertainment purpose only but its changing fast and Ar is coming to the mainstream.

We collaborate with various AR / VR Head Mounted Display manufacturing companies to bring viable AR solutions for our clients.

Augmented Reality are fast catching up in the following domains

AR in Games

Augmented Reality made a successful entry into gaming Industry during the initial stage itself. With stunning graphics. We released our first Augmented Reality game in 2013, Table Zombies was the crowd funded project.

AR in Real Estate

Developing Ar applications for your Architectural visualization needs in very much on the trend now, as it let the users interact with the virtual world unlike in the older models where interaction is limited

AR in Education/ Simulation

Be it an education or simulation, AR helps to educate the users in a controlled environment. AR now being used from schools to militaries to simulate is real life events

AR in eCommerce

It hasn’t been materialized yet, but the early stages of development but eventually would replace the way we buy in retail and eCommerce stores.

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